JP VINE – Storyboard Artist

I started as theatre designer, and I found my way into animation. Now I’m an Animation director, designer, and illustrator. I was lucky to work as a director at Aardman animations where I directed episodes of the Emmy award winning Shaun the Sheep, and I currently board on one of their feature projects. I write, direct, and draw, but above all, I love to draw. I love to push my drawing as far as I can, and I love to make people laugh. JP VINE is the winner of the NEMOLAND AWARD 2008
Now JP VIne works to PIXAR

He would be my first choice to board/ direct were he still here and not over there. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
–Richard Goleszowski, Creative Director, Aardman Animations

One of the most rounded board artists I have ever worked with JP
–Rej Bourdages, Head of story, Aardman Animations

JP is the most talented and hardworking story artist I know
–Alex Orrelle, studio owner, Crew972